Friday, August 27, 2010

Residential Solar Panels – Getting popular

Residential Solar panels are getting extremely popular among consumers as they seem to be the most practical solution to most people with heavy electricity bills and people who need to heat up their houses due to the cold. If you are getting an enviable amount of sunshine outside and feel that you can help in capturing that and converting it into useful energy, you must look into getting residential solar panels as they are really helpful in saving our continually degrading environment and also us human beings ourselves. Another major contributing factor in helping people to decide to switch to solar energy advantages is the fact that gas prices are on a huge upward curve and are continuing to spiral upwards. Also, of course, is the realization of the fact that our reserves of coal and petroleum and other fossil fuels can only last for the next 40 – 50 years or so. After that, people will have to probably make use of other sources of energy such as renewable sources of energy or install a vast number of nuclear reactors. Residential solar panels are becoming popular as a result of the above reasons and because there are now many places that use solar energy. Photovoltaic cells are also becoming popular and I have talked about them in some of my previous posts where I have mentioned how they are really effective in converting solar energy to electrical energy which can basically be used to convert to almost all other forms of energy to be used in our daily household appliances.
Of course, there are bigger versions of a large number of photovoltaic cells joined together which can make huge panels ready to power entire cities and populations and help them generate electricity and meet their other energy needs. Mojave Desert is one such example of a place which powers entire cities with the help of solar energy. It is located in California. This can be implemented on a much smaller scale by using residential solar panels which makes use of the free solar energy and convert it to useful electrical energy.
Photovoltaic cells technology has, in fact, been termed as the fastest growing technology in the whole world. This makes it an exciting field of opportunity for many people and also a field that is starting to generate a lot of jobs and solar energy scholarships. Also, the fact that renewable sources of energy are the future generation's fuel makes it an exciting opportunity as a career for students to pursue and become successful in it. Of course, the race is on for finding technology to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic cells. It is currently not very high and constant changes in technology and research has made it possible for the efficiency to increase in the future as it has been increasing since the past decade. Along with that, many governments recognize the need for people to generate their own electricity and offer many incentives for those that do. Incentives come in the form of tax benefits and lesser tariffs. Also, annual green summits held every year between many countries has prompted world leaders from other countries to take action in their respective countries so that the whole world can unite in saving the planet.
It is not very difficult to set up your own residential solar panels. People have been doing that with the help of plenty of Do it Yourself solar power kits available online and at other places such as solar companies available locally in your area. Even if you do not generate a lot of power, you are doing your little bit to help in saving the environment and it provides satisfaction to you. You also save a lot of money on energy costs such as electricity bills and gas bills as well.
The biggest solar energy advantage, of course, is that it is possible to combine residential solar panels with the traditional power generators that you have been using all this while and thus have a back up ready in case there is some problem with your residential solar panels. Another reason why you may want to do this is when there are certain cloudy or rainy days and during the night when there is no sunlight shining on the residential solar panels. Even if you do not live an area where there is not a lot of sunshine received, you can still generate electricity from solar energy in little amounts that can go a long way in the future in helping cutting down on the costs involved. It is of course always advantageous to consider residential solar panels before you are constructing the house but it is not a problem to do it later as well but it helps if you do it earlier in that it helps in saving future hassles on wiring placements etc. which are very important to set up effectively.
Just think of it this way if you are still debating whether or not to get residential solar panels installed in your house. What sort of a world do you want your children or grandchildren to grow up in. Do you want them to grow up in a world where the whole world is filled with pollution with some of the most beautiful species of flora and fauna that you have grown up watching and admiring, disappearing? I don't think so. You probably want a better world for them. If you are thinking of just your place and thinking that no improvements are necessary, think of other places and countries where it is necessary for these changes to take place and help in making a difference.
So make sure that you set up residential solar panels in your house or at least consider setting them up so that you can help not only yourself but the whole world and other people and living beings who live on our beautiful green planet. I hope you enjoyed these solar energy fun facts.
For a greener future,